PREMAPRO has earned its reputation as a supply specialist for top quality products that provide unique solutions to industry and retailers. PREMAPRO LLC is the exclusive importer of recognized brands like COELAN Boat Coating and supplier of NautiChem military grade WKT Sealant and P-Bond Adhesive.

Products supplied by PREMAPRO give users the confidence that our solutions preserve and improve their investment and secure high cost savings. That's why you can trust PREMAPRO provided products to supply professional solutions and deliver quality results and long-lasting performance. Products provided by PREMAPRO have been recognized throughout the industry for their reliability and are used by loyal consumers and the industry worldwide.

COELAN coatings are elastic, UV-resistant, and water-vapor permeable, intended for use on a wide variety of surfaces, including wood, fiberglass, plastic, flexible rubber, fabric and metals such as steel and aluminum.

COELAN Boat Coating has been rated as the world’s best boat coating by various independent tests, outlasting and outperforming all other premium quality varnishes, maintaining its gloss and integrity after years of continuous exposure to the elements.

NautiChem WKT Sealing Compound is an extremely elastic, non-ageing sealing compound originally designed for caulking of wooden deck joints in the yacht and ship building industry. Its special characteristics mean that WKT is useful in many other applications and industries, as well.

NautiChem P-BOND Adhesive is a new kind of two-component adhesive recommended for use where strong and durable elastic bonding is necessary. Unlike traditional adhesives, including epoxy and polyurethane based glues, P-Bond retains elasticity and strength over a wide range of temperatures.

The goal of PREMAPRO is to supply the highest quality coatings, adhesives and sealing compounds that will result in a significant cost savings to our clients due to reductions in material, maintenance frequency and labor. PREMAPRO supplies ultra long-life boat paint and coatings, extremely non-aging sealants, strong and durable glues and adhesives, and high quality tools and equipment.