COELAN Boat Coating transparent, silk (matte) finish


Will only be applied in a final layer as a finishing coat on gloss boat coating when a silk (matte) finish sur­face is desired. For top coat on wood, fibre­glass, steel, aluminium and flexible rubber or plastic sur­faces. Due to the increased danger of skidding the silk finish material should not be applied where secure footing is essential. May not be pigmented with COELAN COLOR PASTE.



Container Size and Identification No.:
750 mlArticle No: 30220_xxxxx
Consumption approximately:
200 ml / 6.76 fl. oz.      → 1 m2 / 10.78 ft2

⇒ 750 ml / 25.36 fl.oz. → 3.750 m2 / 40.36 ft2

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