COELAN Boat Coating - Flexo Primer LE


COELAN Flexo Primer LE is the bonding agent for trans­parent coat­ings on elastic substrates such as inflatable dinghies, fenders, rub rails and boat cushions. It is in­tended for surface preparation where un­color­ed COELAN Trans­parent Gloss Coating app­li­ca­tions are anti­cipated. The combined use of Flexo Primer LE and un­colored COELAN Trans­parent Gloss Coating will allow the original substrate color to show through the applied coating.




Container Size and Identification No.:
1 Liter / 33.8 fl. oz.Article No: 20040 052505
Consumption approximately:

50 - 70 ml / m2 or 1.7 – 2.4 fl. oz. per 10.76 ft2

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