COELAN Boat Coating - Red Primer


COELAN elastic, red pig­mented primer is for­mu­lat­ed specifically for use on many varieties of dark grained wood with maho­gany, dark red oak and redwood among the more common. COELAN Primer is an integral part of the COELAN Boat Coating app­lications process. The primer is necessary on all bare wood and helps in forming a chemical and mechanical bond with the COELAN trans­parent gloss coating product. In addition the primer contains Ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors to aid in prolonging the applied coating service life.




Container Size and Identification No.:
1 Liter / 33.8 fl. oz.Article No: 60020 060105
Consumption approximately:

7 fl. oz. per 10.5 ft2 / 200 ml per m2


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