COELAN Boat Coating - Color paste


COELAN Color paste can be mixed with Coelan Transparent Gloss Coating for a desired color to any wood, fiberglass, metal, rubber or fabric surface. COELAN Color paste is an optional but integral part of the Coelan Coating process. Coelan Color Pastes can produce custom colors as required by the project or user.





Container Size: 37ml tube / 1.25 fl. oz. tube

Colors and Identification No.:
ColorRAL Article No.
Cream White7001 
Pure Orange2004 30220_017508
Bright Red3000 60220 29375
Silver Grey7001 60230 29375
Mahogany Brown8016 60240 29375
Black9005 60250 29375
Brilliant White9010 60260 29375
Consumption approximately:

One 37ml tube for 375 ml of Coelan Coating.
One 1.25 fl. oz. tube for 12.6 fl. oz. of Coelan Coating.

Two 37 ml tubes for 750 ml of Coelan Coating.
Two 1.25 fl. oz. tubes for 25.3 fl. oz. of Coelan Coating.


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