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  1. Best in their class boats and products chosen by industry experts and show attendees.

    The post Newport For New Products 2023 Award Winners Named at the Newport International Boat Show appeared first on Cruising World.

  2. Veteran cruisers debate three fall routes from the US east coast to the islands.

    The post Three Ways South to the Caribbean appeared first on Cruising World.

  3. We asked our charter-boat friends which watersports gear to buy for our cruising boat. They had definite favorites.

    The post Boat Toys: Submersible Scooters, eFoils and Tankless Dive Systems Amplify the Fun appeared first on Cruising World.

  4. A life of adventure leads to victory in the GGR's challenging round-the-world race.

    The post Solo Act: Kirsten Neuschäfer Wins the Golden Globe Race appeared first on Cruising World.

  5. The most common type of AC electrical fault involves contact between an ungrounded conductor and a metallic object.

    The post Monthly Maintenance: Proper AC Safety Grounds Can Prevent Electric Shock appeared first on Cruising World.