As supply specialists, we serve clients from many industry areas that need management services that put you in control without the stress of figuring out every last detail.

PREMAPRO has earned its reputation by supplying the commercial sector with top quality products that provide unique solutions for a wide range of applications. As a supply specialist servicing the business sector, PREMAPRO provides products according to specific requirements and according to our clients’ needs.

As a supply specialist, PREMAPRO is also the exclusive importer for premium quality products and recognized brands like COELAN Boat Coating. Further Premapro is supplier of NautiChem military grade WKT Sealant and P-Bond Adhesive.

NautiChem military grade WKT Sealant and P-Bond Adhesive are two outstanding products that have been designed to meet the requirements of many businesses. WKT Synthetic Sealing Compounds set the highest standards for extraordinary elasticity and extreme durability. P-Bond Adhesive combines the well-known and excellent adhesive quality of epoxides with the extraordinary elasticity of MS polymers and thus can offer an ideal and premium product solution for the most varied applications. These products meet the high demands of the sea and shipbuilding industry, as well as being used in the building industry, electronic industry, the manufacturing industry and many other fields of application.

COELAN Products are other outstanding products known for their high quality in the building industry as well as for surface coating. Independent short- and long-term coating tests have ranked the COELAN Boat Coating product line as the world's best varnish, demonstrating that COELAN is a versatile, highly weather-resistant coating that can be used on many surfaces and materials, including wood, fiberglass, plastic, fabrics, and metals such as steel and aluminum. COELAN possesses a number of special characteristics, being highly elastic, UV and light resistant, abrasion resistant and very long-lasting. Its versatility means that it is a valuable product in a wide variety of applications and businesses.

PREMAPRO products yield a substantial cost savings to businesses, thanks to reductions in material, maintenance frequency and labor. PREMAPRO supplies ultra long-life boat paint and coatings, non-aging sealing compounds, strong and durable glues and adhesives, and high quality tools and equipment.

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