Marine Supply

PREMAPRO is a supplier of premium marine products that especially meet the high requirements of the marine and shipbuilding industry. We are specialists in marine products that have a unique position in the marine market and offer cost-effective, long-term solutions.

PREMAPRO is the exclusive importer for the USA, Canada, and Caribean Islands for COELAN Marine Coatings and supplier of NautiChem WKT Sealant and P-Bond Adhesive. These premium marine products are “Made in Germany” and have proved their high quality for many years. COELAN Boat Coating Products have been rated as the world’s best boat coating and are the only real long-term coating application solutions on the marine market today. NautiChem WKT Sealant is a non-aging sealant and because of its unique characteristics, a standard sealant for the German ship building industry, used by the German Navy, Norwegian Navy, French Navy and Danish Navy. NautiChem P-Bond is a new kind of two-component adhesive that provides durable elastic bonding.

PREMAPRO provides its products to a diversity of companies who are active in marine and watersport industries. In particular, Premapro supplies retailers, boat builders, shipping companies, service and maintenance companies, boat and yacht clubs as well as kayak clubs.

PREMAPRO aims to provide clients in the marine and shipping industries with the highest quality coatings, adhesives and sealing compounds that are among the world’s mostly highly rated solutions for surfaces that are continually exposed to the elements. Our products yield a substantial cost savings to the shipping industry as well as to private boat and yacht owners, thanks to reductions in material, maintenance frequency and labor. PREMAPRO supplies retailers, boat builders, shipping companies and private boat owners with ultra long-life boat paint and coatings, non-aging sealing compounds, strong and durable glues and adhesives, and high quality tools and equipment.

We are specialised in supplying tailor-made products according to clients requests and requirements. As a supplier we fulfill the specific needs and requirements of the marine and shipbuilding industries.

For all your queries regarding our products and services you can reach us online or on the phone.